SPOOKSHOW - Psychosexual Chapter 1

Psychosexual Chapter 1

Wolverine Records

(CD) 10,90 €

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Darkness, murder, and death emanate from this bands sound not unlike a rampaging creature of unholy proportions. The combination of catchy punk riffs, evil lyrics like "I can kill you in a heart beat my dear. I can chop you up in pieces, I swear", and the eerily sexy voice of Miss Behave, it is hard not to find yourself swinging a machete in time with the beat. Not caring where it finds its mark, just enjoying the ghoulish sounds. Everybody who likes 1-2-3-4-Horrorpunk in the tradition of the Misfits with a lot of Ooohs and Ahhhs or loves the Horrorpops with a Gothic touch, has to get this baby for his Collection!


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Psychosexual Chapter 2

(CD) 10,90 €




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