Before Daniel Schweizer was filming his awarded movie "Skinhead Attitude" about the worldwide skinhead culture, he produced this two ducumentaries with a very special view inside the Punk- and Skinheadscene!

In Skin or Die (produced for TV-Channels like ARTE, ZDF and Swiss-Television), Daniel Schweizer filmed over 1,5 years long a group of the fascist "Hammer-Skinhead" movement. This Skinheads are not representative for the whole movement, but their extreme thoughts and unbelievable hate gives a good impression about the right-wing part of it.

First the members try to act like normal teens with some "misleded and horrible" thoughts in front of the camera. But after a "White Power"-concert these Boneheads showing their true face while the event gets out of control...
"Skin or Die" is a very important movie, to understand the problem about fascism, radicalism and its sad part in the society!

Helldorado is a portrait about young anarchists, living in an occupied house in Zürich. Daniel Schweizer shows their way of life, how the get in this situation, their thoughts and fears about the future and society...not knowing, if they really have future!
Some impressions, that government and society try to forget and cover up, but these young people living right next door to so-called "normal" families...

Facts &Austattung-DVD:

The movie hat also ENGLISH dialoges!!!!

- 2 Scenedocumentaries from Skinhead Attitude Regisseur on ONE DVD!
- Booklet with 20 pages, including Regisseur-Interview, Productions-notices und essays!
- Bonus: Deleted Scenes: Helldorado, Synopsis & Biografie Daniel Schweizer!
- 6 Trailer Sunny Bastards!

more infos about the release:

"Skin or Die" ist the first part of the"Skinhead-triology" from Daniel Schweizer. The movie got no r-rating from the german film institutions, although it was shown at schools as education material agains fascism!
We decide to bring the movie uncut, to show all viewers, that you can not negotiate this sad part of our society!

Rhew second part of the triology Skinhead Attitude was nominated on the 15th. October for the German TV-Award!
Sunny Bastards also released this movie on DVD!!!

Daniel Schweizers third partWhite Terror is now in pre-production now, and we will release it on DVD in 2006!
You will find also lots of bouns-material from german left-activists and bands like OHL, Pöbel & Gesocks, some guys from the punkmagazine "Plastic Bomb" and much more!


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