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Parents + FBI = Cahoots!

Label: Rockstar Records

Released: 03.09.2020

With the debut album "Parents + FBI = Cahoots", Shrinkwrap Killers out of Oakland bring a load of paranoia and conspiracies to the picnic table.
The sun may be shining, but the melodies in the guise of 80s Dark Wave / Synth Punk are eerily beautiful enough to darken the sky. Yes, you can dance to this, cry, drink and smash the goddamn State to this. All at the same time.

A perfect mixture of The Spits, Wipers & Brat Farrar.

"Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not after you!"

Released on tape by Transylvanian Tapes last year, the album is finally getting its well-deserved vinyl release.

Song Titles

  • Parents + FBI = Cahoots
  • Fuck It, We’re Gonna Get Paid
  • I Think the Sirens are Coming for Me
  • I’ve Gone Savage
  • Transfixed by a Zombie
  • Get Us Out of Here!
  • The Situation is Grim
  • Just Shoot Me When You’re Ready
  • A Feral Clone’s Revenge
  • Dialogue Between a Vampire & Bloodless Aliens
  • * Hidden Bonus Track!