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Gulag Beach
Potato Mash Bash

Label: Maniac Attack Records , Rockstar Records

Released: Jan. 28, 2019

Berlin's Amoeba S-Bahn Surf Gang is back with their fourth release! Scream your brains out with eight tongue-shearing hip-shakers! GULAG BEACH will take you to the corner of Black Hole & Beach Boulevard and like a potato rotting under the sink of your lonely little flat, they'll smash you angry German potato-citizens with the opener "Potato Mash Bash"! Holy shit, you're in trouble now! “DINTE“ is a chainsaw ripper featuring a gaggle of guests on the microphone. In between we’re eating some amphetamine cupcakes a la ZERO BOYS, driving in the direction of MODERN ACTION / BODIES, and taking night classes at the classic Agnew school of punk rock. Gulag Beach leaves you feeling like you’ve starred in some posh boy porn. (Dirk Klotzbach)

Song Titles

  • Potato Mash Bash
  • Ode To Capitalism
  • The Need To Be High
  • DINTE pt.I
  • Dollar Hero
  • Generation Maybe
  • Don't Wanna Be My Neighbor Tonite
  • DINTE pt.II