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Agro Jive

Label: P.Trash

Whenever taking a break from jerking off to nudie pics of all scene dictators' mothers, jack-of-all trade Kasper from NO HOPE FOR THE KIDS, HUL, DEATH TOKEN, MOONLESS and hell-knows-what-other-bands recorded these 17 songs while doing time in a mental institution between 2004 and 2009 on an old 4-track machine which the male nurses traded him in for some special services on them. All the songs were already smuggled out of the nest rectally by Kasper's ex-bandmates and released as five 7''s along those years.
In chronological order they are now rereleased on one dirty LP by Punkrock aid organisation P.Trash. Hear Kapser's physical recovery and mental worsening demonstrated from primitive one-liners like ''She's in love with the atom bomb'' and ''I don't wanna live in the city'' to cruel and raunchy Rockenroll bashers like ''I'm gonna leave'', ''Evil night'' or ''I like the way you cry''. Sweet Power-Pop moments like ''Burn little girl'' show that there is still life in this beaten up and wasted shell of a young man. All this mess was mastered by Kasper's probation officer Rob Seaton of The STATUES and all profits of this record will go straight into pot, coke, speed, booze and a new straightjacket.

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