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Adam West
Power To The People

Label: People Like You

Released: Jan. 22, 2008

This powerhouse group draws on the thick rock sound of stoner rock, the heavy sounds of hard-'60s psychedelic, and Misfits-style American punk, but no fear of guitar solos. This post-'60s, post-punk approach to hard rock yields a bounty in obscenity-laden, high-octane drag rock with street punk attitude and arena rock power.

Song Titles

  • Bulletproof
  • Vex Me Hex Me
  • Power To The People
  • Gimme A Bed Or Gimme A Bullet
  • Gigolo
  • Until You Kiss Me
  • Megalomania (Is My Only Vice)
  • Zenith
  • Manny The Ripper
  • Lost Im Ost
  • Ecuadoran Eyeball