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Pressure Ep

Label: P.Trash

We don't know what the hell isn't aggravating and going down the sewer in this world, but it sure ain't the music delivered by these French monsieurs. This 7'' looks like the negative counterpart to their ''Runaway'' EP on JoJo Records, packed in a white cover with black print and 4 new and catchy songs. The faster and elegantly stomping ''Pressure'' and ''Can't crush you'' on the A-side, as well as the bit slower and more melodic ''Scared to hate'' and ''Controlled'' on the flip please us with more revved up '77 Punk that sure doesn't lack of catchy melodies, a snotty voice, addictive choruses and cool, wavy passages. They're making their way up to Germany in November, so make sure you don't miss them live.