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Black Brainwave

Label: P.Trash

Hand a '77 Punk band a Kleenex to clean their singser's snotty snout and engage a DEVO flower pothat that enriches the sound with that distinctive synthie jingle and welcome on the new offering by Ottawa's ZEBRASSIERES. Not a dull moment of taking a breath on these six non-stop go-go goers that move forward like a robot beyond control with a mind of its own and the cables in the speech centre crossed to pronounce twisted messages in songs like ''Lone fish'', ''Sexbot'', ''Magic Magician Man'' or ''Mythic Battle Of The Cosmos''. Recorded by Yogi Perogi, who already captured the quality sound of the WHITE WIRES and the STEVE ADAMYK BAND and mastered by Dave Williams of the SEDATIVES, STEVE ADAMYK BAND and CRUSADES.
Another fine display of Canadian inbreed finesse with the Power and the Pop when it comes to the Punk.

Song Titles

  • Lone Fish
  • Magazine Seducer
  • Sexbot
  • Black Brainwave
  • Magic Magician Man
  • Mythic Battle of the Cosmos