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Partners In Crime Vol.1

Label: People Like You

Down the gruesome alley they wander. THE BONES ' the panzar cracking rockers of Sweden ' and all their partners in crime.' -Holy handgrenade!

What is this all about? Well, six tracks from now you gonna find out what THE BONES are really made of ' what have made THE BONES THE BONES. They are going for the marrow in a true, cool tribute to rock'n'roll and its legends.
And eventually some of the rare songs that've been covered in THE BONES gigs all over Europe and US over the years, have made it on record. With dazzling help from gung-ho comrades!
In ways you would hardly ever dream of! 'Why?' you might still ask. 'Why not!' says the band. 'And watch out for the sequel!'

Find a BONES patch for your leather jacket enclosed to the vinyl version!

Song Titles

  • I Wanna Be Sedated (Originally By The Ramones; Guest Appeaarance By Roger Miret / Agnostic Front And
  • Yesterdays Hero (Originally By John Paul Young And Bay City Rollers; Guest Appearance By Mike Mccolg
  • It´s My Life (Originally By Gene Simmons / Paul Stanley; Guest Appearance By Mia Coldheart / C
  • Home Swing Hell (Originally By The Bones; Guest Appearance By Sebastian Wilke / Snb, Lars Hedlund /
  • Psycho Dad (Trad.arr; Guest Appearance By Johan Glössner On Dirty Country Guitars)
  • King Of Fools (Originally By Social Distortion; Guest Appearance By Nicke Borg / Backyard Babies, Mi