FURY 161 - Los Reyes De La Carretera

FURY 161
Los Reyes De La Carretera

Tear It Up Records

released: 2004





They boiled up from the sewers of Rotterdam in 2000. Inspired by the likes of: Sparkles , monks , standells and other giants of the 60’s garage era, they soon found their own garage to start bumping and grinding. This resulted in a 4 track 7inch released in 2001 the “allstar wrestling matches”, which got good reviews worldwide.
After this fine piece of work they we’re joined by the mighty Don Juan peyote, who completed the band and made things a little smoother. This resulted in more gigs with the likes of: zeke / nomads / hard feelings. Soon after this Don larvey k-tel (vocals) called it a day. The mighty fury had a big tour coming up so they decided to let Don de la tourette take over vocals and Don druff grabbed the bass (everybody still following?) They premiered in this line up on the “revenge of the rock'n'roll monsters” tour starring: Peter pan speedrock, Apers , Spades & El guapo stuntteam, which turned out to be a big success. After that they started working on new songs which resulted in “los reyes de la carretera” - 7 tracks of the best soulstompin’ garagepunk that ever came from the lowlands!


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