AUSTIN LUCAS - The Common Cold

The Common Cold


released: 05.06.2008

(CD) 8,90 €



Mixing old time traditional american music along with contemporary indie influences, austin lucas' new album 'the common cold' combines the best from multipal generations of american roots music. With driven picking and beautiful vocal harmonies,this album should be a breath of fresh air for fans of depression era country as well as those of lo-fi acoustic indie music. born in Bloomington Indiana, Austin Lucas was taught how to sing by his musician father Robert Lucas before he could even speak. at home or in the car, his family would sing and make music. travelling thoughout the summertime to folk, bluegrass and old time music festivals where his father would perform every year.. as Austin became old enough to attend school he also was sent to the indiana university childrens choir to hone his gift of singing.. although he would stay in this program for 6 years, perform in 3 opera's as well as dozens of classical choral peices; he never learned to love or appreciate this music until much later in his life. when he was 12 he removed himself from the choir and went off in search of louder and faster music. it was in the punk and hardcore scene where austin found himself and has remained for the last 16 years.. playing in crust and grind bands Rune and Twentythird Chapter as well as technical punk outfit K10 Prospect. Austin currently lives in praha czech republic and splits his time touring solo and playing guitar in the Orc-core Crust band Guided Cradle... Austin has released two solo demo's, a full length LP/CD entitled "the common cold" and a split 7" with Chuck Ragan from Hot Water Music... Austin is currently working on a new full length album as well as an acappella 7" and another split 7" with the d-beat rock 'n' roll juggernaut known as monster..


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1.Dead Factories
3.Pigeon Father
4.Anything For The Baby
5.Common Cold
6.Corn Husker
7.Cruel Brothers
8.Kith And Kin
9.Last Song For A Sweetheart


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