SNUTJäVEL - Falköping Hardcore

Falköping Hardcore

Heptown Records

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A movie about the life on the country side, frustration, identity and a punk band.

When the film director Peter Asp an cold and rainy autumn day, was at a gig, he doubt for a second where he was, is it London 1977?

No, he is in Falköping in Sweden and the year is 2005. He is at the Club Betong with many punk gigs around this time.

It’s his first meeting with the Swedish punk band Snutjävel. After a while he found out that the small town Falköping, Skaraborg is coloured with punk music and punk attitude.

Follow Peter Asp on his journey in 2009 when he seeks the answer about what Snutjävel is all about and what punk means to this people in this small town.

Falköping Hardcore is a movie about the people in a punk band, the life on the country side, frustration, identity and punk.

The DVD also has a jukebox with all the songs from Snutjävels EP:s and singles + other un-released songs.

- ”People might think we piss them straight in their face”.
Rka Avskum

- ”We don’t just sit down brain dead”… ”If we don’t do anything – nothing happens”.
Rasmus Hedlund


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