MINION - Out of the carnage

Out of the carnage


(LP) 9,90 €



Their 3rd album ! members of mörser, carol and systral team up to sho the world that Bremen is still the home of the most brutal bands… produced by Goran Finberg ( the haunted, in flames, opeth… ) this album has a heavy Swedish death metal sound, mixed with the elements, Bremen is known for ! so expect to get a mix of morser and late at the gates… “Minion show us something totally different, something much more violent and aggressive, than expected... the sound is violent, the voice is hateful and the riffs are keeping attention to the listener, there’s always something happeings, very good, and it's fast as i like for thrash, it's like Nasum playing thrash, may be because of the very aggressive voice!” ( bones brigade )


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