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Its November, there for, its time for another awesome issue of MAXIMUMROCKNROLL to hit the streets! In this issue Mexican thrashers WHAT IF GODS LIE let us in on what its like to be a punk in Mexico, Portland rabble rousers the CRAWLERS open some windows into their psyche, bay area Anarcho upstarts SURRENDER bring forth the light, and Norse melodic hardcore warriors 2:20 tells their tale. Also featured are brief history lessons on Welsh punks SHRAPNEL and the UKs UNTERMENSCH, an interview with socals punk rock genius THE BAD SAMARITANS, an interview with Bolivian Anarchist journal LIBERTARIO, and a personal story of Venuss illegal travels from Mexico to Chicago and back. Plus, how could we forget about everyones favorites like news, reviews, columns and all the other tidbits that you absolutely need to wrap your mind around.


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