KID DYNAMITE - Four Years In One Gulp

Four Years In One Gulp

Jade Tree

(DVD) 14,90 €



Four Years in One Gulp is the vibrant 90-minute documentary of the all-too-brief life and times of KID DYNAMITE. For the first time you�ll hear the side of these Philadelphia punk heroes� story that�s gone previously untold, and not just from the band themselves, but also from their friends, supporters and fans. Highlighted by 25 raging live performances, the DVD reveals KID DYNAMITE�s guts: the personalities, the music and the motivation, life at home and on the road, and the process of putting the band together only to watch it prematurely fall apart.

90 Minutes
Color / NTSC
Region 0

Special Features:
Band Commentary
Roadie Commentary
Mark Beemer Photo Gallery
Jeremy Dean Art Archive
Deleted Scenes

Thanks to all of you who have sent videos over the years. You know who you are.

Exclusive photos & contact sheets:
Mark Beemer
Tim Owen
Taryn Hickey
Martina Duffy
Nate Martin
Shane McCauley
Danielle Dombrowski

Who the hell shot this:
Jason Shevchuk - Philly Interviews
Steve O'Brien - NYC Interviews
Joe DiGerolamo - KD Group Interview
Mark Beemer - Super 8mm
Andy Wheeler - 16mm

Artwork by Jeremy Dean at Comfortable Lead
Live sound fixed by West West Side Music
Jason Shevchuk made this at Playground


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