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If you run a record label, you do a fanzine or put out any other punkrock related stuff you can offer it on! This option is for free; your personal data will not be given to anybody. This is how it works:

1. Click "open a new account" or log in to your existing one.
2. For each item you wanna sell click "enter new article" and follow the instructions.
3. Send out three copys of each item as soon as we confirm your entry by email.
4. As your package arrived you will receive another email, where we list the contents.
5. You deliver on consignement. That means we pay after your articles are sold. You will be regularly informed by email about what you sold and on demand we can pay for already sold items at any time. Also you can always order back non-sold items.
6. As soon as one of your items is sold out we will re-order it.

We accept all items related to Punk Rock in the broadest sense. We don′t accept CD-R, demos and albums without cover.
Through your account you can check how many items you have sold so far.

If you already have an account: log in here

If you haven′t got an account: Registrate here



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